Clay Studio



Clay Studio runs a monthly membership scheme providing access to a communal work space and processing facilities. Anyone with sufficient experience to work self-directed is welcome to apply. Our aim is to support new and existing ceramicists in furthering their practice, whether for commercial purposes or as a leisure interest. 

Member: Sarah Baines

what it includes

  • Access to the studio workspace and facilities for up to 4 sessions* / 12 hours a week

  • Personal storage space (75x47x40cm)

  • House glazes and firings

  • On-site technical support

  • Opportunities to exhibit and sell your work

* All member sessions are for a duration of 3 hours and can be booked up to 12 hours in advance on a first-come-first-served basis.



what it costs

  • Rolling contract: £85 per month, with a minimum of 2 months. Paid by Direct Debit.

Please be aware that a notice period of 30 days is required to terminate a rolling contract. Occasionally we may offer discounts or special offers. Once the offer period is up the contract will revert to the rolling contract as above.

Member: Matt Cronshaw


If you would like to become a member of the studio, please click below to complete an application form.

You can read our full T&Cs here.



Current Members

Here are our members who currently use our shared workspace. 

Alison Waters, Amanda Murphy, Andrea Micheal, Carla Lavin, Caroline Blackburn, Christine Dawes, Craig Green, Danielle Howard, David Lazarus, Elaine Boyle, Gabriella Rhodes, Helen Baker, Heather Roberts, Helena Munday, James Hayes, Kathryn Seth-Smith, Laurence Auffret, Laura Bennett, Liisa Dudgeon, Maggie Sutcliffe, Michele Holt, Nicky Darnborough, Peter Mackereth, Sally Thelwell,Sarah Ricketts, Sarah Pink, Sophie Thomas, Sue Cragg, Verina Wilde, Victoria Landry, Wing Tang, Zahra Jabir and Zoë Lanceley 


members booking

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