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We provide a range of short courses with a variety of specific goals. These run on weekends, over one or two days. They will be advertised on our website as and when the dates are confirmed. One-off workshops are aimed at complete beginners, but those with more experience are welcome.  




14.09.19 & 28.09.19 Making a Moon Jar and Smoke Firing

14.09.19 & 28.09.19 Making a Moon Jar and Smoke Firing


Saturday 14th September (making session)


During this session you will make a moon jar (using coiling and pinch pot techniques) and then it will be dried and burnished (polished). These will then be bisque fired ready for the Smoke firing on September 28th.

Saturday 28th September

Smoke firing

The Moon jars will placed into a incinerator of sawdust, dried materials and oxides then set alight. The technique offers spontaneous and exciting affects. and will take about 2 hours once over the pots will be polished with wax. Food and refreshments will be provided on this day. Location TBC.


Both sessions £100



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