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We provide a range of short courses with a variety of specific goals. These run on weekends, over one or two days. They will be advertised on our website as and when the dates are confirmed. One-off workshops are aimed at complete beginners, but those with more experience are welcome.  




01.07.18 Monoprinting Course

01.07.18 Monoprinting Course


Sunday 1st July 2018

Mono Printing Course


(This course is NOT suitable for beginners)

In this printmaking course you will explore mark making and illustrative techniques by mono-printing with slips and stains. The course is run by the artist Sarah Crosby who specialises in this technique.

It’s recommended that people attending this course bring with them leather hard flat forms (plates, platter forms) if they want a finished piece of work. Otherwise tiles will be provided to explore the processes on.





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